Bayern Munich are looking for a way to get rid of Mane this summer.

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Bayern Munich want to offset Senegal forward Sadio Mane Leaving the football team this summer from the revelations of famous journalists.

Mane recently make a scandal at the mouth of his German team-mate Sadio Mane following their 3-0 defeat by Manchester City in the European Cup. Resulting in a fine and a drop from the team for their most recent match against Hurghada Offenheim last Saturday.

According to German journalist Florian Plettenberg: “From what I know, Bayern Munich will do everything possible to get Sadio Mane out of the club this summer.” UFABET

“From a sporting point of view. Thomas Tuchel doesn’t have Mane in his plans. Because he doesn’t fit into Tuchel’s system. Here’s my info. The player is seen internally as being at risk.

“It was consider a mistake to sign Mane. Especially with a salary of more than 20 million euros a year.”

“After his disappointing performance. It was jokingly chatted at the Sabener Strasse (training ground) that Bayern had sign Mane’s twin. Not the same one he came from Liverpool”

Sources say the reason why Sadio Mane was not fired from the team was because Leroy Sane was the one who asked the club not to release the ex-Liverpool star’s contract. and told them not to apply severe punishment to the other party. Even though he was punched until his mouth was bleeding. While the big legs of the “South Tiger” called both of them to investigate.