Antonio Conte has opened up a war Klopp, can’t penetrate Spurs don’t bully.

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Spurs head coach Antonio Conte has open up a war of saliva at Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. When he sarcastically denounced the Deutsche manager that. He’s out of jokes about scoring goals himself. Don’t bully others. Case of criticism of the Golden Spikes chicken bus parking style. The game met on the weekend.

The ‘ Reds ‘ could only draw 1-1 at Anfield at Anfield. Affecting the league title race with Manchester City. Until the 54 -year -old boss faltered after the match said – he probably. Do not think about copying the homework style of play that Antonio Conte has put up. No matter how strong the opponent. 

And it ignites the heart of the Italian coach UFABET. Who has always been undervalued by people in his hometown football industry for grabbing a Scudetto with Inter Milan in 2021 for playing counter-ball. devoid of elegance  

That led Conte to borrow his readiness statement before meeting Arsenal ( May 12 ) , scolding ‘ JK ‘ not to bully, if it’s really cool, the opponent comes to joke, you have to find a way to break through.

Said the Tottenham boss Antonio Conte .  

” Jurgen is a smart man, a very good head. ” 

“ For the coaches, if the result of the match is wrong. It’s not easy to do an interview after a game with no head in mind. ”

“ Sometimes it’s really not that easy. And as far as I can remember this season, there were many times when I was so dissatisfied with the results that I blamed myself for interviews. and blame the team 

“ I respect Jurgen and know that you respect me a lot too. Then this is a great opportunity for him and I will learn that during matches you shouldn’t talk about your opponents. It is more important that you pay attention to your team. ” 

“ That guy must have been annoyed after the match. but at the same time for every head coach It is very important to pay attention to only our team. Not to mess with competitors. “

“ Because doing so means you need to find an excuse. or make excuses for the mistakes of the work that you have done. ”

Conte is regarded as Klopp ‘s slang as he has never lost at Anfield in three league games.