Why? The older we get, the fewer our friends are left.

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Why? The older we get, the fewer our friends are left.

As you grow older and older, have you ever noticed that the “friends ” that used to surround you gradually fade away? disappeared one by two The friends you feel very close to. and friends who may have just done some activities together Keep in touch for a while before slowly drifting apart. When you think about it, you’ll see that there are so many people who have disappeared from your life that you can’t remember when and why between you and him. to not continue the relationship The next thing you know is the day you realize that there are only a handful of friends you still have contact with. Even though in the past, friends surrounded. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

It’s actually not that strange. As we become adults, our friends will gradually diminish 

And you’re not the only one facing the situation. There are a number of studies that have attempted to study how our number of friends varies inversely with our growing age. Many of them disappeared from their lives until only a handful remained. Even when we were young, we were afraid of not having friends. I don’t like being banned by friends. friends do not accept Or have you ever cried because of a fight with a friend? But nowadays we care less and less about that. We’re fine with fewer friends left. Only wondering “why?”

In addition to the story of good friends, bad friends. that friendship gives us the opportunity to choose friends And can choose to end the friendship with anyone. There are many good friends who disappeared even though we did not fight. just lost contact and couldn’t find more Because many people don’t use social media. It became even more difficult to find. This allows us to know that as we grow up The more effort we put into maintaining our relationship. Because we don’t have as many opportunities to meet friends every day as before. Failure to maintain friendships leads to fewer and fewer friends left. They also find it difficult to try to maintain a relationship.

However, there is another fact that we have discovered besides missing friends. is this remaining friend Although there is very little left But we can feel that true friendship never dies. Although the social relationship between each other is rarely But true friendship is linked by experiences and milestones in each other’s lives that will last forever. That even if we lose contact with that friend for many years But true friends will come back to us again. and able to quickly piece together stories during the absence of each other

We value quantity.

“Good friends have one even if they are few. It’s better than a hundre. Who think about jealousy.” Ancient teachings about. That we may have heard since childhood. But just understand the meaning deeply when growing up as an adult.

That the quality is more important than the quantity In the past, we might have been proud that we had many friends. know this person everywhere. But when we grow up, our different attitudes begin to change. Many people begin to understand.

That they can only have one true friend left. But that person must have something that makes us feel comfortable having him as a friend. Our feelings will tell us which friend we will never let go of. Which there will be a few people left that we are close to call and we will let others gradually disappear from our lives without holding back anything.

As a child or as a teenager we are going social we want acceptance So we try to collect. No matter where you go or what you do, there will always around you. If you know anyone, you can call all your. Friends of the same gang also talk over each other that apart from being together in this gang Who has other gang friends?

How many? It’s like we try to get to know many people in order to call them “friends”. The amount of friends makes us feel at ease. the more friends The more it means that we have a lot of people we can rely on. But we often come to know when we grow up that we think wrongly. Because only one friend who loves well-wishers and all rely on each other with comfort is enough to make us feel at ease. One day, deep feelings will tell us. that we can’t with everyone

natural selection process

“Friends are easy to find. Death are rare.” Another teaching about that we’ve heard since we were young. In fact, we may not have to wait for ourselves to face a dire situation to prove who our friends are. Who can die as a friend? Because in the end, people who are not really our, they will naturally leave. The same is true of what is not ours. However, it’s not ours. No matter how hard it is, it’s not ours! in the number of people around We can say hello and chat to build friendships with anyone. It’s not difficult for me to tell you this is a friend. But over time We will know that dating someone as a true friend is not easy because we all have our own criteria and qualifications for real.

It’s a process of “screening”. No matter how friendly we are, we can’t get along with everyone. If you feel incompatibility Nature automatically distances us from our relationship with him. It is therefore normal that people suddenly disappear from our lives without us knowing where it started. They may for a while, but after that, their status reverts back, leaving only acquaintances or perhaps even forgetting each other altogether. Which this process is nothing more complicated than the matter of “Equal precepts”, not about good people and bad people. We just don’t click. Equal precepts and chemistry It’s natural that we can’t explain in words either why.

Everyone dispersed to their own lives.

Age is one factor that causes us to have fewer friends. Because during childhood or adolescence (mostly), life has few things to be responsible for, going to school, studying, doing homework, enjoying life. fully grown but when we grow up We will discover. That we have enormous roles, responsibilities, and responsibilities thrown at us. When studying, there are Saturdays and Sundays, there are semester breaks, but working age is working for a long time, on holidays , there are other things to do. Both homework or extra work.

If anyone ever complained as a child that their parents never had time to take them on a trip. You will know when you grow up that finding free time is not easy. Taking leave is a mess. That made us lose contact with friends. Different people have different things to do. Neither me nor my friend had any contact with each other until we were apart.