5 climbing vines that Japanese people grow to overcome the summer heat

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5 climbing vines that Japanese people grow to overcome the summer heat

Since ancient times, Japanese people have planted Japanese gourd and Japanese cucumber on windows or balconies as a green curtain in the summer to help reduce energy consumption. Reduce heat around the house, strengthen the greenery of the house. And for flora therapy, etc. But besides these 2 trees, what else is there? Let’s know ufabet https://ufabet999.com What green ivy plants are. Japanese people like to plant them as a curtain.

5 climbing vines that Japanese people grow to overcome the summer heat

1. Morning glory

morning glory or Asagao (アサガオ, Asagao) is a popular climbing vine that Japanese people plant as a curtain in the summer. Nowadays, there are so many varieties of morning glories that come in beautiful colors that make them a great place to plant as a curtain and admire the beauty of the morning glories.

2. Anchan tree ( Butterfly Pea )

The Anchan tree that we know well is a vine that grows several meters tall. There are green leaves and beautiful colored flowers, which help create a feeling that the surrounding environment is cooling down Although it can only be planted in the summer, but nowadays the Anchan tree has become a creeper that is very popular with Japanese people.

3. Okinawa Sparrow Gourd

Okinawa sparrow gourd (オキナワスズメウリ) is another creeping vine that has gained a lot of attention from Japanese plant lovers as it grows fast and can climb several meters above the net. easy to maintain It also has a small round shape with stripes that change from green to red, looking cute.

4. Khok Kraom (Balloon Vine)

Khok Kraom or Fusenkazura (フウセンカズラ) is a fast-growing vine that climbs tangled up on trees, branches, nets, or other adhesions. The light green fruit looks like a balloon. even though the fruit cannot be eaten But Japanese people like to plant this plant as an ornamental plant to prevent sunlight and help cool the house in the summer.

5. Passion fruit (Passion Fruit)

Passion fruit is a perennial ivy with fruit that can be eaten. Even though it grows well in the summer. But the passion fruit does not tolerate the cold. Therefore, Japanese people use the method of growing them in pots to put outside in the summer and move into the house during the winter.

A curtain of lush green plants is another identity that represents the lifestyle of Japanese people. In the summer, I like to walk around people’s houses to see what plants are planted as a curtain. and was refreshed as a by-product We may not dare to plant vines as a curtain because we are afraid of snakes. But try it as an idea in case you want to grow ivy to decorate your house.