5 Foods Contain Antioxidants Nourish the skin white, clear, juicy, glowing

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5 Foods Contain Antioxidants Nourish the skin white, clear, juicy, glowing, and look healthy.

In addition to your external skin care routine There is another strategy that we can use to fight premature aging or wrinkles. The way to do that is to change your diet. By arranging a balanc diet Including adding foods rich in antioxidants to every meal. This way we will be able to nourish our skin from within. Helps the skin to be radiant and healthy. It also helps to slow down the occurrence of wrinkles. Can also slow down aging.

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8 Foods Contain Antioxidants Nourish your skin to be white and clear.

1. Fruit

  • Apples: Rich in antioxidants and fiber. Promotes skin health
  • Pomegranate: Loaded with antioxidants that protect the skin.
  • Citrus fruits: High in vitamin C for skin vitality. Helps make your skin white and clear.

2. Vegetables

  • Sweet potatoes: High in beta-carotene. Good for skin health
  • Brussels sprouts: Rich in vitamins and antioxidants to help with skin regeneration.
  • Beetroot: Contains antioxidants that help brighten the skin.

3. Nuts and seeds

  • Almonds: Provides vitamin E, essential for nourishing the skin.
  • Walnuts: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids that moisturize the skin.
  • Chia seeds: High in omega 3 and antioxidants. Helps enhance skin elasticity

4. Cereals

  • Oatmeal: Loaded with fiber and nutrients for overall skin health.
  • Quinoa: Contains essential amino acids for skin repair and regeneration.
  • Brown rice: Provides B vitamins for healthy skin.

5. Herbs and spices

  • Cinnamon: Contains antioxidants that may benefit skin health.
  • Turmeric: Contains curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory properties on the skin.
  • Ginger: Improves blood circulation, making it beneficial to the skin.

What Are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that produces free radicals and reactions that can cause damage to cells in the body and skin. Antioxidants are found in food sources may prevent some of the damage caused by free radicals by scavenging and neutralising free radicals. Examples include vitamins A, C and E and minerals copper, zinc and selenium.

Other dietary compounds found in food, partially plant sources contain phytochemical that have an antioxidant effect. Examples include lycopenes in tomatoes and anthocyanin in cranberries.