John Barnes has pointed Cristiano Ronaldo can’t save Solskjaer

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Former Liverpool star John Barnes has pointed out that Cristiano Ronaldo cannot help Ole Gunnar Solskjaer become Manchester United’s boss. And the team needs to Improve the gameplay.

         The Portugal international has scored nine goals in 11 games since returning to Old Trafford, but the team’s overall performance has not been outstanding, with Barnes pointing to Solskjaer. Need to improve the team’s play because Ronaldo can’t always help him.

         “Cristiano Ronaldo did not make Ole Gunnar Solskjaer the position of Manchester United boss because his goals would not lead the team to the Premier League or Champions League,” Bar said. said

John Barnes has pointed Cristiano Ronaldo can’t save Solskjaer

         “He gave the team some hope. But I don’t think Ronaldo’s goal will save Ole if he doesn’t win the game. They have to start showing consistency.”

         “Ronaldo will not help Solskjaer in position. And it won’t get him fired either. The question mark with Ole is the inconsistency.”

However, United have struggled as a team to put together a run of results. Consecutive losses in the Premier League, along with poor results in European and domestic competitions, have been heavily criticized by fans.

Many critics have argued that despite scoring goals. Ronaldo has had a negative impact on the team. They have pointed to the fact that, due to his age, Ronaldo is unable to press actively when off the ball.