Ready to take Chelsea Football Club 2.5 billion pounds.

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Chelsea Football Club this name has attracted investors. When recently influential British businessman Nick Candy made an offer to buy football from Roman Abramovich at a figure of no more than 2.5 billion pounds. With the selling point being there. Stamford Bridge renovation project worth £1,500 million.

 Abramovich has sold the Blues after 19 years in management for £ 3 billion last week . The main reason was the invasion of his native Russia in Ukraine. Cause a shock to European football.    

In the past.

There have been interested groups like Swiss billionaire Hans York Wiss or Turkish billionaire Muhsin Byrak. Who show that they want to take over the business at The Bridge.

Recently, there is a group of 49 -year -old wealthy real estate Candy. Who are also a huge fan of Chelsea, ready to join the race to buy their favorite club.

by  British businessman Nick Candy but will go hand in hand with American equity group to build trust in assets offering takeover By taking the name UFABET yourself because the UK citizenship is easy to carry out transactions

” Nick Candy is continuing to look at various options in his bid to acquire Chelsea. ” a spokesman for the business told Mail Online .

“ Whatever the offer, it will join hands with other groups or alliances. which we have serious interest from foreign investors and are ready to take action. ”

” Mr Candy has been fascinated by Chelsea Football Club for a long time, his father was drawn to the club , he was at Stamford Bridge , watching games at the age of four . “

“ The club needs a world-class home stadium. including other infrastructure which Mr. Candy have expertise in real estate development would have offered an interesting perspective to the team. ”

Like the case Newcastle used Madame Amanda Staffley to lead the Saudi government fund group. Acquisition of St. James ‘ Park through 300 million pounds , despite the suspicion of piracy in that country.  

Among the American investors linked to the acquisition were Thomas Ricketts, owner of Major League Baseball , the Chicago Cubs , Woody Johnson, owner of the American NFL franchise, the New York Jets. and Josh Harris, shareholder, Crystal Palace.