Martin Keown has showed how to stop Lukaku

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Arsenal defender Martin Keown has used his past playing experience to suggest ways to stop Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku.

         The Belgian international has impressed with four goals in four games this season. Most recently, just headed the winning goal as the team beat Zenit St. Petersburg 1-0 in the UEFA Champions League, which Keown, who has been playing in England for more than 20 years and has had great success with ” Arsenal” talks about how to stop Lukaku in the face of each other.

Martin Keown has showed how to stop Lukaku

         “When you duel with him “Every ball is a match,” Keown said. “I don’t want him to touch me, feel me, I don’t want to get too involved but I’ll hit him back a few yards and when I hit him. I will use everything.”

         “I’m going to talk to him as well. I’ll tell him he’s disgusting. It’s an exaggeration. you are playing with me today You won’t get any free space.”

         “You can’t let him set the game and when it comes. You must have the game of the season. Physically you have to be ready for it.”

         “He’s great in the air. We saw the goals he scored midweek. He has everything ready in his game and he is full of confidence. So you have to make him feel that today is completely different.”

         “I’m a bit different from the others and I’ll make it difficult for you.”