Chelsea will be the Premier League champions

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Chelsea will be the Premier League champions. Sean Wright-Phillips The former England midfielder looked at the Premier League champions will go to Chelsea.

         The team elevated to a great level by winning the UEFA Champions League trophy last season. This year, it fixed a weakness in the front by bringing in Romelu Lukaku and making an impressive performance, which Wright-Phillips considers Thomas Tuchel’s team. Stronger than the rest of the league.

Wright-Phillips believes Chelsea will be the Premier League champions

         “I have to be honest and right at this moment, I think Chelsea will beat City to win the league,” Wright-Phillips told Metro.

         “The fact that they didn’t have to play well to win 3-0 is really unbelievable and Tuchel said they weren’t playing well.”

         “He still wants more from his team and wants to play in his own way. But they still go home with victory.”

         “If I can be a manager and say that every week, I would be extremely happy.”

         Chelsea will host Manchester City in the Premier League on Saturday. According to ufabet