Chalobah is Okay with big matches time table

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Chalobah is Okay with big matches time table. Trevor Chalobah, a young Chelsea defender, doesn’t want to blame the organizers for giving them one full day less rest than their rivals Manchester City. Before the queue to face each other at noon and half this Saturday (local), that’s because the current team is strong enough to handle the field 3 days-to-match.

City had kicked off the Carabao Cup third round since Tuesday and thrashed Wycombe 6-1, but the Blues played Wednesday’s draw with Aston Villa 1-1 in normal time, then a penalty shoot-out passed. can This has led to concerns that head coach Thomas Tuchel’s team will be at a disadvantage. 

However, the 22-year-old defender says no problem, given the size of Chelsea’s large squad, they are able to rotate their best players to secure their place at the top of the crowd. 

“We have a very strong team that can keep going. Just make sure you are properly prepared for Saturday’s game. That’s an important issue and one that everyone is looking forward to.”

“We are very confident. The team is full of confidence in the quality of the players they have. In every match we play No matter who you have to face We are ready to show our sharpness in front of the door. and play the game in the penalty area as well I think we have done that very well in the past few years.” 

“The game against City is very important to us because both of them are competing for the league title. We’ve done well in the big games so far. So it was another opportunity for us to go out and hit the horseshoe. Ready to show what we have to show the identity of the team.” 

“With the way we started this season. We should go on the field with a full tank of confidence. They are a very good team and full of great players. We know the dangers they can create. But we will prepare for it.”

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