What can you do with “expired lipstick”? How many years does each type last?

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What can you do with “expired lipstick“? How many years does each type last?

I believe that many girls have a lot of ” lipstick ” in their storage. Whether it’s many brands, many colors to add beauty to your lips every day. But sometimes I have too much lipstick in my possession. Until I forget to pick it up and use it and can’t use it in time, sometimes until the expiration date is reached. But it would be a shame to leave it. Read here ยูฟ่าเบท

Expired lipstick cannot be used on the lips or face as before. 

Because it may cause negative effects on the body, such as irritation, infection, or various diseases. But what can you do with  “expired lipstick”  to create other benefits? Let’s follow along.

  • Use to paint your nails.  Brightly colored lipstick can be applied to your nails. By applying it over the nail base color. Or you can paint it as a base color. Then use nail polish to coat it.
  • Used to decorate tattoos. Dark  lipstick can be used to decorate tattoos. By applying it over the original tattoo all over. It will help the tattoo look sharper.
  • Used to make soap:  Lipstick can be melted and mixed with coconut oil, salt, and perfume to make brightly colored soap.
  • Used to make wax, lipstick  can melte and mixed with honey and coconut oil. To make wax for applying to eyebrows or eyelashes.
  • Used to make candles,  lipstick can be melted and mixed with candle wax, perfume, and crayons to make brightly colored candles.
  • Use it to create colorful handicrafts. Expired lipstick can be used in crafts that require color. Such as painting a wall or an art project.
  • Used to customize printed media  Use expired lipstick when editing printed media or cleaning computer screens to reduce oily or fingerprint marks.
  • Used to create color in art crafts.  They can use expired lipstick to create color in art. such as mixing colors with other colors or using it as a background color

Expired lipstick can also be donated to various charities. To recycle or put to other uses as well.

How to tell if lipstick has expired

Expired lipstick will change in texture, color, and smell, for example, the lipstick will become dry or hard. The lipstick color will fade. Or will the lipstick smell change?

If the lipstick has these changes Lipstick should be thrown away immediately. Should not be used further Because it may cause health hazards.

How many years does each type of lipstick last?

Each type of lipstick has a different lifespan. Normally, lipstick will last as follows:

  • The lipstick has not been opened yet.  Can store for 3 years.
  • The lipstick has been opened.  Should use within 2 years.

However, some lipsticks may have a shorter or longer lifespan. It depends on the ingredients and storage method. For example:

  • Matte lipstick  Contains little oil ingredients. Therefore, it has a shorter lifespan than cream or liquid lipsticks.
  • Stick lipstick  It has a firm texture. Therefore, it lasts longer than dipping lipsticks.
  • Lipstick stored at high temperatures  It will last for a shorter time than lipstick stored at low temperatures.