Change your lifestyle and stay from dementia.

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Change your lifestyle and stay away from dementia.

When Thai society steps into an aging society Dementia It becomes a very worrying illness. With the number of patients continually increasing, It doesn’t just mean having Alzheimer’s disease. But the symptoms of dementia from a cerebral artery blockage Lewy body Body that affects body movement and is accompanied by hallucinations Symptoms of frontal and temporal cerebral degeneration To be unable to feel the feelings of others. It’s also dementia.

The above information is just some of the information related that can be obtained from hospitals. or medical websites, but in this article we will present ways to prevent and keep yourself away from dementia Although there is research that people with family members suffer from dementia. There is a high risk of having the same symptoms. But we will not allow ourselves to be like our parents or our relatives. So what can we do to stay away from dementia? Let’s see.

Results of a study by the Institute of Health in England A test group of 200,000

People has shown to avoid Or act to be at less risk. It starts with living a proper and healthy life. The researchers asked those participating in the study to answer questions about good health. The number of people answering questions in this group is at risk of developing is quite low, even if they have someone in their family who has dementia.

  • Do not smoke or have completely quit smoking.
  • Exercise at least 2.5 hours per week.
  • Have a way of eating that is nutritionally correct. and eating fruits and vegetables every day At the same time eat fish at least twice a
  • Drink beer or alcoholic beverages One glass a week

The other experimental group answered the questions and were at risk of developing dementia, even though they had no family members with dementia before. They live by

  • Still smoking
  • I don’t exercise much.
  • Although I control my diet, I rarely eat vegetables and fruits. But I eat meat every week.
  • Has a habit of liking to drink alcohol very much.

From the test, it shows that Risk. It does not depend on genetic factors alone. But it also means that lifestyles increase the risk. As such, what is the best way to reduce the risk? Whether it comes from genetics or lifestyle. It is to take care of your body’s health appropriately. According to โปรโมชั่น ufabet your age. which means organizing one’s own life Including rest, exercise and nutrition so that you can step into the elderly society without having to worry about being sick with dementia.